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    1、Courtesy 禮貌



    We have received with many thanks your letter of 20 May, and we take the pleasure of sending you our latest catalog. We wish to draw your attention to a special offer which we have made in it.

    You will be particularly interested in a special offer on page 5 of the latest catalog enclosed, which you requested in your letter of 20 May.

    2、Consideration 體諒



    "You earn 2 percent discount when you pay cash. We will send you the brochure next month. "就比 "We allow 2 percent discount for cash payment. We won't be able to send you the brochure this month." 要好。

    3、Completeness 完整


    4、Clarity 清楚


    (1) 避免用詞錯誤:

    例如:As to the steamers sailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco, we have bimonthly direct services.

    此處bimonthly有歧義:可以是twice a month 或者once two month.故讀信者就迷惑了,可以改寫為:

    1.We have two direct sailings every month from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

    2.We have semimonthly direct sailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

    3.We have a direct sailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco.



    . We shall be able to supply 10 cases of the item only.




    We sent you 5 samples yesterday of the goods which you requested in your letter of May 20 by air.

    We sent you, by air, 5 samples of the goods which you requested in your letter of May 20.

    5、Conciseness 簡潔



    .We wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter...可改為:We appreciate your letter...

    .Enclosed herewith please find two copies of...可改為: We enclose two copies of...



    Enclosed herewith----->enclosed

    at this time----->now

    due to the fact that----->because

    a draft in the amount of $1000----->a draft for $1000

    6、Concreteness 具體

    7、Correctness 正確




    Dear Mr. /Ms,

    Thank you for your letter of June 4, enclosing an

    account of the organization and work of your Chamber

    of Commerce and Industry.

    We are very grateful for such a detailed account of

    your activities. This information is certain to help

    increase our future cooperation.

    Yours faithfully





    1. Dear Mr./Ms,

    On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of your National

    Day, please accept our heartiest congratulations.

    May the trade connections between our countries continue to develop with each passing day!

    Yours faithfully




    (三) 告示

    1. Opening of new business

    Dear Mr./Ms,

    We have opened at the above address a sales office

    for our products here in New York. We employ a

    staff of consultants and a well-trained service

    department which makes routine checks on all equipment

    purchased from us.

    We would be pleased if you would take full advantage

    of our services and favorable shopping conditions.

    We fully guarantee the quality of our products.

    Yours faithfully




    2.建立辦事處 Establishment of new branch

    Dear Mr./Ms,

    Owing to the large increase in the volume of our trade

    with this country we have decided to open a branch here,

    with Mr. Wang Lo as manager.

    The new branch will open on 1st March and from that date

    all orders and enquiries should be sent to Mr. Wang Lo

    at the above address, instead of to our London office.

    We take this opportunity to express our thanks for your

    cooperation in the past. We hope the new arrangements

    will lead to even better results.

    Yours faithfully


    因在該國貿易額大量增加,我們決定在這里開設一家分支,由王洛先生任經理。新辦事處將于三月一日開業,今后所有的訂單和詢價, 請按上述地址送到王洛先生那,而不是倫敦辦公室。我們籍此機會向您過會與我們的合作表示感謝,我們希望新的安排能產生好的結果。


    3.歇業 Discontinuation of business

    Dear Mr./Ms,

    With the demolition of our premises at the above address

    under a redevelopment scheme, the part of our business

    carried on there will be discontinued after the end of

    October. On Monday, 1st October, we are holding a closing-out sale. Stock on hand will be cleared regardless of cost. There will be substantial reductions in all departments and in some cases, prices will be marked down by as much as one half.

    Stock to be cleared is unrivaled in both variety and

    quality. As the sale is likely to be well attended,

    we hope you make a point of visiting the store as early

    as possible during the opening days.

    Yours faithfully




    4.更改名稱和地址 Change of name and address

    Dear Mr./Ms,

    At our company meeting on 4 September, it was decided

    that the name of our company would be changed to

    CNMIEC Lee Co. At the same time, it was decided to

    move the company from the above address to No3-6 Broadway Street.

    We will appreciate your informing the appropriate

    departments of these changes

    Yours faithfully





    5.新的任命 New appointment

    Dear Mr./Ms,

    We wish to notify you that Mr. Robert Smart, who has

    been our representative in Southwest England for the

    past seven years, has left our service and therefore

    no longer has authority to take orders or collect accounts on our behalf.

    We have appointed Mr. Fred Peterson in his place. Mr.

    Peterson has for many years been on our sales force

    and is thoroughly familiar with the needs of customers

    in your area. We trust you will have good cooperation from him.

    Yours faithfully




    6. 公司的建立與重組Establishment or reorganization of company

    Dear Mr/Ms,

    We are pleased to announce that as of 1st June our firm

    will merge with D & W Co. of this town to form the new

    firm of CN/CW Co. The new firm will carry on business at 6 Rue de Toqueville, Tripoli, to which address please send all communications after31st May. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us in the past

    and look forward to continued dealings with you.

    Yours faithfully


    我們高興的宣布,由于六月一日我們公司將于該鎮的D&W公司合并,成立新的CN/CM公司。新公司將在Tripoli的 Rue de Toqueville六號辦公,五月三十一日后所有信息請寄新地址。









    Dear Sirs,

                  RE: TABLECLOTH

       We have your name and address from the Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. We take this opportunity to write to you with a view to set up friend business relations with you.

       We are a state-owned company dealing specially with the export of tablecloth. We are in a position to accept orders according to the customer's samples. In the customer's samples, request about the assorted pattern, specification and package of the needed goods can be indicated particularly.

       In order to give you a general idea of various kinds of the tablecloth we are handling, we are airmailing you under separate cover our latest catalogue for your reference. Please let us know immediately if you are interested in our products. We will send you our price list and sample to you as soon as we receive your specific inquiry.

       Looking forward to your early reply, we are.

    Yours faithfully





    Dear Sirs,

       You are kindly requested to provide us with the information on credit and business operation of ×××Import Company. The company address is ×××.Please be convinced that all the materials you supply to us will be kept absolutely secret, for which You will not take any responsibilities.

    Best Regards.

    Yours truly


    (1)        貴函

    Your letter; Your favor; your esteemed letter; Your esteemed favor; Your valued letter; Your valued favor; Your note; Your communication; Your greatly esteemed letter; Your very friendly note; Your friendly advice; Yours.


    (2)        本信,本函

    Our (my) letter; Our (my) respects; Ours (mine); This letter; these lines; The present.

    (3)        前函

    The last letter; The last mail; The last post; the last communication; The last respects(自己的信); The last favor(來信)

    (4)        次函

    The next letter; The next mail; The next communication; The letter following; the following.

    (5)        貴函發出日期

    Your letter of (the) 5th May; Your favor dated (the) 5th June; Yours of the 3rd July; Yours under date (of) the 5th July; Your letter bearing date 5th July; Your favor of even date(AE); Your letter of yesterday; Your favor of yesterday's date; Your letter dated yesterday.

    (6)        貴方來電、電傳及傳真

    Your telegram; Your wire; Your cablegram(從國外); Your coded wire(密碼電報); Your code message; Your cipher telegram; Your wireless telegram; Your TELEX; Your Fax.


    (7)        貴方電話

    Your telephone message; Your phone message; Your telephonic communication; Your telephone call; Your ring.

    (8)        通知


    Advice; Notice; Information; Notification; Communication; A report; News; Intelligence; Message.


    To communicate (a fact) to; To report (a fact) to...on; To apprise (a person) of; To let (a person) know; To acquaint (a person) with; To intimate (a fact) to; To send word; to send a message; To mail a notice; to write (a person) information; To give notice(預告); To break a news to(通知壞消息); To announce(宣布)

    (9)        回信


    An answer; A reply; A response.


    To answer; To reply; To give a reply; To give one's answer; To make an answer; To send an answer; To write in reply; To answer one's letter.


    Reply to; Answering to; In answer to; In reply to; In response to.


    To await an answer; To wait for an answer.


    To get an answer; To favor one with an answer; To get a letter answered.




    Receipt(收到); A receipt(收據); A receiver(領取人,取款人); A recipient(收款人)


    To receive; To be in receipt of; To be to (at) hand; To come to hand; To be in positions of; To be favored with; To get; To have; To have before (a person); To make out a receipt(開出收據); To acknowledge receipt(告知收訖).




    To confirm; Confirming; Confirmation; In Confirmation of(為確認...,為證實...); A letter of confirmation(確認函或確認書)


    To have the pleasure to do; To have the pleasure of doing; To have pleasure to do; to have pleasure in (of) doing; To take (a) pleasure in doing (something); To take pleasure in doing (something); To be pleased to (with)(by); to be delighted at (in)(with); To be glad to (of)(about); To be rejoiced in (at).  





    商務英語書信(Business or Commercial English Correspondence)是指交易時所使用的通信。在美國,常用Business writing,它包括書信、電報、電話、電傳、報告書、明信片等。英語和美語在書信體例方面存在著一定的差異,比如信頭和稱呼、書信格式、遣詞、結尾客套語等均有所不同。

      一般來說,英國書信較為保守,許多英國人喜歡用老式書信體,用詞較為正式刻板,而美國書信語言非常生氣、有活力,格式也較為簡便。因此當我們寫信的對象是英國或其舊殖民地國家時,要使用標準式英語Queen's English;如果寫信的對象是美國或美國勢力范圍的地區時,就要用美國英語。當然,英國式的語言文化近年來也有變化,但總體來說,兩者間的差異是很明顯的。商業英文書信,一般都要求用打字機或電腦整齊地打印,左邊各行開頭垂直的,稱為垂直式或齊頭式(Block style),美國常用這種格式;每段的第一個詞縮進去,稱為縮進式或鋸齒式(indented style),英國常用此格式。垂直式的職務及簽名都在左邊的邊欄界線,這種格式,在極度尊重工作效率的美國公司,已普遍采用。正式的商業英語書信要在稱呼的上方寫上收信公司名稱和地址或收信人的名字全稱、職務及地址,稱為信內地址(Inside address)。信內地址的寫法也有垂直式和縮進式之分,垂直式或稱美國式將各行并列,縮進式或稱英國式將各行依次退縮。

    不過,近來英國商業書信的信內地址并未依次縮進,似乎與美國式相同。此外,在美國還流行一種普通收信人地址的寫法,就是在書信的Inside Address中,把門牌號和街名都省略掉。在英文書信中要使用敬語,最普遍的敬語是Mr., Mrs.和Miss(用于未婚女性)。英國人常在男性的姓名之后用Esq. (Esquire的縮寫),不過在商業上也在慢慢地改用Mr. Mmes. (Madam的復數形式),用于二個女士以上。Messrs.(Mr.的復數形式)用于二個以上的男人,或用于二個以上的男人組成的公司或團體。在英國式英文信里,Mr., Mrs., Messrs,均不加縮寫句點,相反地趨向于進步自由的美語反而加縮寫句點如Mr., Mrs., Messrs.。在稱呼方面,商業上最普遍的有Gentlemen(美國式)與Dear Sirs(英國式)二種,相當于我國的"敬啟者"或"謹啟者"。如果信是寫給某個公司單位的,不是寫給某個具體人的,美語用Gentlemen(復數形式),英語用Dear Sirs。如果對方公司只一人時,必須使用Sir/Dear Sir。稱呼后一般要使用標點符號,英國式采用逗號(comma),美國式用分號(colon)。書信結尾客套語(complimentary close)有多種,相當于我國書信 在結尾時使用的"敬禮"、"致敬"、"順安"等句。最為典型的美國式寫法是Sincerely和Best regards,典型的英國式表達有Yours sincerely(熟人或知道對方姓名),Best wishes, kind regards 和yours faithfully(不知姓名)。此外,英國式的客套語還有特別禮貌的格式,但除了特殊情況外,現在不再使用。



    1.Having had your name and address from the Commercial Counselor's office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in..., we now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you and see if we can establish business relations by a start of some Practical transactions.


    2. We have heard from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade that you are in the market for Electric Appliances.


    3. Your name has been recommended to us by the Chinese Consul stationed in your city as large exporters of ... goods produced in ....


    4. From ..., we have obtained your name and address and understand that you are experienced importers of .... We have pleasure in offering you ... of which we would appreciate your pushing the sale on your market.


    5. We learn from ... that your firm specializes in ..., and would like to establish business relationship with you.


    6. Through the courtesy of.... we have learned that you are one of the representative importers of ...


    7. Your name and address has been given to us by Messrs. J. Smith & Co., Inc., in New York, who have informed us that your firm has been recommended to us by the Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Japan.


    9. The.... Bank in your city has been kind enough to inform us that you are one of the leading importers (exporters) of ... and are interested in trading with China in these lines ...


    10. We are given to understand that you are potential buyers of Chinese ...,which comes within the frame of our business activities.


    11. Through your trade delegation that recently paid a visit to this country, we learned that you are well-established importers of ... and are writing to you in the hope of receiving your orders from time to time. 我們欣然寄發這封自薦信,希望是互利關系的前奏。

    12. We are glad to send you this introductory letter, hoping that it will be the prelude to mutually beneficial relations between us.


    13. We have the Pleasure to introduce ourselves to you with the hope that we may have an opportunity of cooperating with you in your business extension.


    14. We take the liberty of writing to you with a view to building up business relations with your firm.


    15. We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state operated corporation dealing exclusively in Light Industrial Goods.


    16. As you may be well aware, we are a state-operated corporation handling such items as .. in both import and export business.


    17. As you are one of the leading importers in ..., we have pleasure in contacting you in the hope of establishing business relations and rendering you assistance in a wide range of your requirements.


    18. We understand that you are interested in both the import and export of ... and it is on this subject that we wish to introduce ourselves in the hope of establishing mutually beneficial business relations between our two corporations. 你公司是信譽卓著的照相機進口商,我公司極愿與你公司建立業務關系。為此,我們現在寄去商品目錄和價目單,用以向你公司毛遂自薦。

    19. The high reputation, which you are enjoying as camera importers, has rendered us desirous of entering into business relations with you. Accordingly, we introduce ourselves to you by sending you our catalogs and price-lists.


    20. The commodities we are handling consist of the manufactures of the first-rate paper mills of this country, and so we are in a good position to serve your customers with the most reliable quality of the line you suggest.


    21. Specializing in the export of Chinese Art & Craft Goods we express our desire to trade with you in this line.


    22. Our lines are mainly textiles and handicrafts.


    23. We have been in this line of business for many years.


    24. The purpose of this letter is to explore the possibilities of developing trade with you.


    25. We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and exchanging what one has for what one needs.


    26. We wish to establish friendly business relations with you to enjoy a share of mutually profitable business.


    27. We wish to enter into direct negotiation with you with a view to introducing your special lines in our market.


    28. We are interested in the possibility of establishing sources of supply of crude oil from the People's Republic of China.


    29. We advise you to make use of our experience and special knowledge on trial.


    3O. We trust that our experience in foreign trade and intimate knowledge of international market conditions will entitle us to your confidence.


    31. Being closely connected with reliable wholesalers here, we shall be able to do considerable import business with you.

    我們能報十分優惠的條款。32. We are able to quote you very advantageous terms.




    CFR(cost and freight) 成本加運費價

    T/T(telegraphic transfer) 電匯

    D/P(document against payment) 付款交單

    D/A (document against acceptance) 承兌交單

    C.O (certificate of origin) 一般原產地證

    G.S.P.(generalized system of preferences) 普惠制

    CTN/CTNS(carton/cartons) 紙箱

    PCE/PCS(piece/pieces) 只、個、支等

    DL/DLS(dollar/dollars) 美元


    DOZ/DZ(dozen) 一打

    PKG(package)  一包,一捆,一扎,一件等

    WT(weight) 重量

    G.W.(gross weight) 毛重

    N.W.(net weight) 凈重

      C/D (customs declaration) 報關單

      EA(each) 每個,各

      W (with) 具有

      w/o(without) 沒有

      FAC(facsimile)  傳真

      IMP(import) 進口

       EXP(export) 出口

      MAX (maximum)  最大的、最大限度的

      MIN (minimum) 最小的,最低限度

      M 或MED (medium) 中等,中級的

      M/V(merchant vessel) 商船

      S.S(steamship) 船運

      MT或M/T(metric ton) 公噸

      DOC (document) 文件、單據

      INT(international) 國際的

      P/L (packing list) 裝箱單、明細表


      INV (invoice) 發票

      PCT (percent) 百分比

      REF (reference) 參考、查價

      EMS (express mail special) 特快傳遞

      STL.(style) 式樣、款式、類型

      T或LTX或TX(telex) 電傳

      RMB(ren min bi) 人民幣

      S/M (shipping marks) 裝船標記

      PR或PRC(price) 價格

      PUR (purchase) 購買、購貨

      S/C(sales contract) 銷售確認書

      L/C (letter of credit) 信用證

      B/L (bill of lading) 提單

      FOB (free on board) 離岸價

      CIF (cost, insurance &freight) 成本、保險加運費價

    a accepted 承兌

    AA Auditing Administration (中國)審計署

    AAA 最佳等級

    abs. abstract 摘要

    a/c, A/C account 帳戶、帳目

    a/c, A/C account current 往來帳戶、活期存款帳戶

    A&C addenda and corrigenda 補遺和勘誤

    Acc. acceptance or accepted 承兌

    Accrd. Int accrued interest 應計利息

    Acct. account 帳戶、帳目

    Acct. accountant 會計師、會計員

    Acct. accounting 會計、會計學

    Acct. No. account number 帳戶編號、帳號

    Acct. Tit. account title 帳戶名稱、會計科目

    ACN air consignment 航空托運單

    a/c no. account number 帳戶編號、帳號

    Acpt. acceptance or accepted 承兌

    A/CS Pay. accounts payable 應付帳款

    A/CS Rec. accounts receivable 應收帳款

    ACT advance corporation tax 預扣公司稅

    ACU Asia Currency Unit 亞洲貨幣單位

    A.C.V actual cash value 實際現金價值

    a.d., a/d after date 開票后、出票后

    ADRS asset depreciation range system 固定資產分組折舊法

    Adv. advance 預付款

    ad. val., A/V ad valorem to (according value) 從價

    Agt. agent 代理人

    Agt. agreement 協議、契約

    AJE adjusting journal entries 調整分錄

    Amt. amount 金額、總數

    Ann. annuity 年金

    A/P account paid 已付賬款

    A/P account payable 應付帳款

    A/P accounting period 會計期間

    A/P advise and pay 付款通知

    A/R account receivable 應收帳款

    A/R at the rate of 以……比例

    a/r all risks (保險)全險

    Arr. arrivals, arrived 到貨、到船

    A/S, a/s after sight 見票即付

    A/S,acc/s account sales 承銷帳、承銷清單,售貨清單

    ASAP as soon as possible 盡快

    ASR acceptance summary report 驗收總結報告

    ass. assessment 估征、征稅

    assimt. assignment 轉讓、讓與

    ATC average total cost 平均總成本

    ATM at the money 僅付成本錢

    ATM Automatic Teller Machine 自動取款機(柜員機)

    ATS automated trade system 自動交易系統

    ATS automatic transfer service 自動轉移服務

    Attn. attention 注意

    Atty. attorney 代理人

    auct. auction 拍賣

    Aud   auditor 審計員、審計師

    Av. average 平均值

    a. w. all wool 純羊毛

    A/W air waybill 空運提單

    A/W actual weight 實際重量


    (一)Kinds of L/C 信用證類型

    1.revocable L/C/irrevocable L/C 可撤銷信用證/不可撤銷信用證

    2.confirmed L/C/unconfirmed L/C 保兌信用證/不保兌信用證

    3.sight L/C/ usance  L/C 即期信用證/遠期信用證

    4.transferable L/C(or)assignable L/C(or)transmissible L/C /untransferable L/C



    5.divisible L/C/ undivisible L/C 可分割信用證/不可分割信用證

    6.revolving L/C 循環信用證

    7.L/C with T/T reimbursement clause 帶電匯條款信用證

    8.without recourse L/C/with recourse L/C 無追索權信用證/有追索權信用證

    9.documentary L/C/clean L/C 跟單信用證/光票信用證

    10.deferred payment L/C/anticipatory L/C 延期付款信用證/預支信用證

    11.back to back L/reciprocal L/C 對背信用證/對開信用證

    12.traveller's L/C(or: circular L/C) 旅行信用證

    (二)、L/C Parties Concerned 有關當事人

    1.opener 開證人

    (1)applicant 開證人(申請開證人)

    (2)principal 開證人(委托開證人)

    (3)accountee 開證人

    (4)accreditor 開證人(委托開證人)

    (5)opener 開證人

    (6)for account of Messrs 付(某人)帳

    (7)at the request of Messrs 應(某人)請求

    (8)on behalf of Messrs 代表某人

    (9)by order of Messrs 奉(某人)之命

    (10)by order of and for account of Messrs 奉(某人)之命并付其帳戶

    (11)at the request of and for account of Messrs 應(某人)得要求并付其帳戶

    (12)in accordance with instruction received from accreditors 根據已收到得委托開證人得指示

    2.beneficiary 受益人

    (1)beneficiary 受益人

    (2)in favor of 以(某人)為受益人

    (3)in one's favor 以……為受益人

    (4)favoring yourselves 以你本人為受益人

    3.drawee 付款人(或稱受票人,指匯票)

    (1)to drawn on (or :upon) 以(某人)為付款人

    (2)to value on 以(某人)為付款人

    (3)to issued on 以(某人)為付款人

    4.drawer 出票人

    5.advising bank 通知行

    (1)advising bank 通知行

    (2)the notifying bank 通知行

    (3)advised through…bank 通過……銀行通知


    (4)advised by airmail/cable through…bank 通過……銀行航空信/電通知

    6.opening bank 開證行

    (1)opening bank 開證行

    (2)issuing bank 開證行

    (3)establishing bank 開證行

    7.negotiation bank 議付行

    (1)negotiating bank 議付行

    (2)negotiation bank 議付行

    8.paying bank 付款行

    9.reimbursing bank 償付行

    10.the confirming bank 保兌行

    (三)、Amount of the L/C 信用證金額

    1.amount RMB¥… 金額:人民幣

    2.up to an aggregate amount of Hong Kong Dollars… 累計金額最高為港幣……

    3.for a sum (or :sums) not exceeding a total of GBP… 總金額不得超過英鎊……

    4.to the extent of HKD… 總金額為港幣……

    5.for the amount of USD… 金額為美元……

    6.for an amount not exceeding total of JPY… 金額的總數不得超過……日元的限度

    四、The Stipulations for the shipping documents 跟單條款

    1.available against surrender of the following documents bearing our credit number and the full name and address of the opener 憑交出下列注名本證號碼和開證人的全稱及地址的單據付款

    2.drafts to be accompanied by the documents marked(×)below 匯票須隨附下列注有(×)的單據

    3.accompanied against to documents hereinafter 隨附下列單據

    4.accompanied by following documents 隨附下列單據

    5.documents required 單據要求

    6.accompanied by the following documents marked(×)in duplicate 隨附下列注有(×)的單據一式兩份

    7.drafts are to be accompanied by… 匯票要隨附(指單據)……

    (五)、Draft(Bill of Exchange) 匯票

    1.the kinds of drafts 匯票種類

    (1)available by drafts at sight 憑即期匯票付款

    (2)draft(s) to be drawn at 30 days sight 開立30天的期票

    (3)sight drafts 即期匯票

    (4)time drafts 原期匯票

    2.drawn clauses 出票條款(注:即出具匯票的法律依據)

    (1)all drafts drawn under this credit must contain the clause “Drafts drawn Under Bank of…credit No.…dated…” 本證項下開具的匯票須注明“本匯票系憑……銀行……年……月……日第…號信用證下開具”的條款

    (2)drafts are to be drawn in duplicate to our order bearing the clause “Drawn under United Malayan Banking Corp. Bhd .Irrevocable Letter of Credit No.…dated July 12, 1978” 匯票一式兩份,以我行為抬頭,并注明“根據馬來西亞聯合銀行1978年7月12日第……號不可撤銷信用證項下開立”

    (3)draft(s) drawn under this credit to be marked:“Drawn under…Bank L/C No.……Dated (issuing date of credit)” 根據本證開出得匯票須注明“憑……銀行……年……月……日(按開證日期)第……號不可撤銷信用證項下開立”

    (4)drafts in duplicate at sight bearing the clauses “Drawn under…L/C No.…dated…” 即期匯票一式兩份,注明“根據……銀行信用證……號,日期……開具”

    (5)draft(s) so drawn must be in scribed with the number and date of this L/C 開具的匯票須注上本證的號碼和日期

    (6)draft(s) bearing the clause:“Drawn under documentary credit No.…(shown above) of…Bank” 匯票注明“根據……銀行跟單信用證……號(如上所示)項下開立”

    (六)、Invoice 發票

    1.signed commercial invoice 已簽署的商業發票

    in duplicate 一式兩份

    in triplicate 一式三份

    in quadruplicate 一式四份

    in quintuplicate 一式五份

    in sextuplicate 一式六份

    in septuplicate 一式七份

    in octuplicate 一式八份

    in nonuplicate 一式九份

    in decuplicate 一式十份

    2.beneficiary's original signed commercial invoices at least in 8 copies issued in the name of the buyer indicating (showing/evidencing/specifying/declaration of) the merchandise, country of origin and any other relevant information. 以買方的名義開具、注明商品名稱、原產國及其他有關資料,并經簽署的受益人的商業發票正本至少一式八份

    3.Signed attested invoice combined with certificate of origin and value in 6 copies as required for imports into Nigeria. 以簽署的,連同產地證明和貨物價值的,輸入尼日利亞的聯合發票一式六份

    4.beneficiary must certify on the invoice…have been sent to the accountee 受益人須在發票上證明,已將……寄交開證人

    5.4% discount should be deducted from total amount of the commercial invoice 商業發票的總金額須扣除4%折扣

    6.invoice must be showed: under A/P No.… date of expiry 19th Jan. 1981 發票須表明:根據第……號購買證,滿期日為1981年1月19日

    7.documents in combined form are not acceptable 不接受聯合單據

    8.combined invoice is not acceptable 不接受聯合發票

    七、Bill of Loading 提單

    1.full set shipping (company's) clean on board bill(s) of lading marked "Freight Prepaid" to order of shipper endorsed to … Bank, notifying buyers 全套裝船(公司的)潔凈已裝船提單應注明“運費付訖”,作為以裝船人指示為抬頭、背書給……銀行,通知買方

    2.bills of lading made out in negotiable form 作成可議付形式的提單

    3.clean shipped on board ocean bills of lading to order and endorsed in blank marked "Freight Prepaid" notify: importer(openers, accountee) 潔凈已裝船的提單空白抬頭并空白背書,注明“運費付訖”,通知進口人(開證人)

    4.full set of clean "on board" bills of lading/cargo receipt made out to our order/to order and endorsed in blank notify buyers M/S … Co. calling for shipment from China to Hamburg marked "Freight prepaid" / "Freight Payable at Destination" 全套潔凈“已裝船”提單/貨運收據作成以我(行)為抬頭/空白抬頭,空白背書,通知買方……公司,要求貨物字中國運往漢堡,注明“運費付訖”/“運費在目的港付”

    5.bills of lading issued in the name of… 提單以……為抬頭

    6.bills of lading must be dated not before the date of this credit and not later than Aug. 15, 1977 提單日期不得早于本證的日期,也不得遲于1977年8月15日

    7.bill of lading marked notify: buyer, “Freight Prepaid” “Liner terms” “received for shipment” B/L not acceptable 提單注明通知買方,“運費預付”按“班輪條件”,“備運提單”不接受

    8.non-negotiable copy of bills of lading 不可議付的提單副本

    (八)、Insurance Policy (or Certificate) 保險單 (或憑證)

    1.Risks & Coverage 險別

    (1)free from particular average (F.P.A.) 平安險

    (2)with particular average (W.A.) 水漬險(基本險)

    (3)all risk 一切險(綜合險)

    (4)total loss only (T.L.O.) 全損險

    (5)war risk 戰爭險

    (6)cargo(extended cover)clauses 貨物(擴展)條款

    (7)additional risk 附加險


    (8)from warehouse to warehouse clauses 倉至倉條款

    (9)theft, pilferage and  nondelivery (T.P.N.D.) 盜竊提貨不著險

    (10)rain fresh water damage 淡水雨淋險

    (11)risk of shortage 短量險

    (12)risk of contamination 沾污險

    (13)risk of leakage 滲漏險

    (14)risk of clashing & breakage 碰損破碎險

    (15)risk of odor 串味險

    (16)damage caused by sweating and/or heating 受潮受熱險

    (17)hook damage 鉤損險

    (18)loss and/or damage caused by breakage of packing 包裝破裂險

    (19)risk of rusting 銹損險

    (20)risk of mould 發霉險

    (21)strike, riots and civil commotion (S.R.C.C.) 罷工、暴動、民變險

    (22)risk of spontaneous combustion 自燃險

    (23)deterioration risk 腐爛變質險

    (24)inherent vice risk 內在缺陷險

    (25)risk of natural loss or normal loss 途耗或自然損耗險

    (26)special additional risk 特別附加險

    (27)failure to delivery 交貨不到險

    (28)import duty 進口關稅險

    (29)on deck 倉面險

    (30)rejection 拒收險

    (31)aflatoxin 黃曲霉素險

    (32)fire risk extension clause-for storage of cargo at destination Hong Kong, including Kowloon, or Macao 出口貨物到香港(包括九龍在內)或澳門存倉火險責任擴展條款

    (33)survey in customs risk 海關檢驗險

    (34)survey at jetty risk 碼頭檢驗險

    (35)institute war risk 學會戰爭險

    (36)overland transportation risks 陸運險

    (37)overland transportation all risks 陸運綜合險

    (38)air transportation risk 航空運輸險

    (39)air transportation all risk 航空運輸綜合險

    (40)air transportation war risk 航空運輸戰爭險

    (41)parcel post risk 郵包險

    (42)parcel post all risk 郵包綜合險

    (43)parcel post war risk 郵包戰爭險

    (44)investment insurance(political risks) 投資保險(政治風險)

    (45)property insurance 財產保險

    (46)erection all risks 安裝工程一切險

    (47)contractors all risks 建筑工程一切險

    2.the stipulations for insurance 保險條款

    (1)marine insurance policy 海運保險單

    (2)specific policy 單獨保險單

    (3)voyage policy 航程保險單

    (4)time policy 期限保險單

    (5)floating policy (or open policy) 流動保險單

    (6)ocean marine cargo clauses 海洋運輸貨物保險條款

    (7)ocean marine insurance clauses (frozen products) 海洋運輸冷藏貨物保險條款

    (8)ocean marine cargo war clauses 海洋運輸貨物戰爭險條款

    (9)ocean marine insurance clauses (wood oil in bulk) 海洋運輸散裝桐油保險條款

    (10)overland transportation insurance clauses (train, trucks) 陸上運輸貨物保險條款(火車、汽車)

    (11)overland transportation insurance clauses (frozen products) 陸上運輸冷藏貨物保險條款

    (12)air transportation cargo insurance clauses 航空運輸貨物保險條款

    (13)air transportation cargo war risk clauses 航空運輸貨物戰爭險條款

    (14)parcel post insurance clauses 郵包保險條款

    (15)parcel post war risk insurance clauses 郵包戰爭保險條款

    16)livestock & poultry insurance clauses (by sea, land or air)


    (17)…risks clauses of the P.I.C.C. subject to C.I.C.


    (18)marine insurance policies or certificates in negotiable form, for 110% full CIF invoice covering the risks of War & W.A. as per the People's Insurance Co. of China dated 1/1/1976. with extended cover up to Kuala Lumpur with claims payable in (at) Kuala Lumpur in the currency of draft (irrespective of percentage) 作為可議付格式的海運保險單或憑證按照到岸價的發票金額110%投保中國人民保險公司1976年1月1日的戰爭險和基本險,負責到吉隆坡為止。按照匯票所使用的貨幣在吉隆坡賠付(無免賠率)

    (19)insurance policy or certificate settling agent's name is to be indicated, any additional premium to cover uplift between 10 and 17% may be drawn in excess of the credit value 保險單或憑證須表明理賠代理人的名稱,保險費如增加10-17%可在本證金額以外支付

    (20)insurance policy (certificate) … Name of Assured to be showed: A.B.C.Co. Ltd. 保險單或憑證作成以A.B.C.有限公司為被保險人

    (21)insurance policy or certificate covering W.A. (or F.P.A.) and war risks as per ocean marine cargo clause and ocean marine cargo war risk clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China dated 1/1/1981 保險單或憑證根據中國人民保險公司1981年1月1日的海洋運輸貨物保險條款和海洋運輸貨物戰爭險條款投保水漬險(或平安險)和戰爭

    (22)insurance policy/certificate covering all war mines risks 保險單/憑證投保一切險、戰爭險、地雷險(注:mines解釋為地雷,屬于戰爭險的負責范圍,可以接受)

    (23)W.A. this insurance must be valid for period of 60 days after the discharge of goods 水漬險在貨物卸船后60天有效

    (24)in triplicate covering all risks and war risks including W.A. and breakage in excess of five per cent on the whole consignment and including W/W up to buyer's godown in Penang


    (25)insurance policy issued of endorsed to order … for the face value of invoice plus 10% covering including war with 15 days after arrival of goods at destination, only against FPA and T.P.N.D.


    (26)insurance policy or certificate issued by an insurance Co. with W.P.A. clause covering the merchandise for about 10% above the full invoice value including unlimited transhipment with claims payable at Singapore


    (27)covering all eventual risks 投保一切以外風險

    (28)covering all marine risks 投保一切海運風險

    (29)marine insurance policy including "both ot blame" collision clauses and fully covering the shipment 海運保險單包括負責船舶互撞條款和全部貨載

    (30)insurance … including deviation clauses 保險包括繞道條款

    (31)covering overland transportation all risks as per overland transportation cargo insurance clauses (train, trucks) of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


    (32)covering air transportation all risk as per air transportation cargo insurance clauses of P.I.C.C.


    (33)insurance policy or certificate covering parcel post all risks including war risks as per parcel post insurance clauses and parcel post war risk insurance clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


    (34)covering all risks including war risks as per ocean marine cargo clauses and air transportation cargo insurance clauses and ocean marine cargo war risk clauses and air transportation cargo war risk clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


    (35)covering all risks as per ocean marine cargo clauses and overland transportation cargo insurance clause (train, truck) of P.I.C.C. dated…


    (36)covering all risks including war risks as per overland transportation cargo insurance clauses (train, truck) and air transportation cargo insurance clauses and air transportation cargo war risk clause and war clauses (for cargo transportation by rail) of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


    (37)including shortage in weight in excess of 0.5%(with 0.5% franchise) on the whole consignment


    (38)including risk of breakage and clashing 包括破裂或凹癟險

    (39)including risk of chipping & denting 包括碎裂或凹彎險

    (40)including risk of bad odor 包括惡味險

    (41)including damage by hooks, oils, mud and contact with other cargo(insured value)


    (42)including damage caused by rain fresh and/or water, internal combustion(total or partial loss)


    (43)including loss and/or damage caused by sea water, fresh-water, acid, grease


    (44)including T.P.N.D. loss and/or damage caused by heat, ship's sweat and odor, hoop-rust, breakage of packing


    (45)including damage caused by infestation mould 包括蟲蛀霉爛的損失

    (46)including damage due to rough handling during transit subject to C.T.C.


    (47)including loss and/or damage from any external cause as per CIC


    (48)including damage by slings, stains, grease, acids


    (49)excluding risk of breakage 不包括破碎險

    (50)including the breakage does not cover the goods remarked in th invoice as originally damage


    (51)excluding natural loss in weight 不包括途耗短量的損失

    (52)including 60 days after discharge of the goods at port of destination (or at station of destination) subject to C.T.C.


    (53)including W.A. & risk of fire for 60 days in customs warehouse after discharge of the goods at port of destination subject to CIC


    (54)this insurance must be valid for a period of 60 days after arrival of merchandise at inland destination 本保險擴展到貨物到達內地的目的地后60天有效

    (55)insurance policy or certificate covering F.P.A. including the risk of war and risks of S.R.C.C. as per I.C.C. dated…and institute war clauses dated…and institute S.R.C.C. clauses dated…


    (56)the People's Insurance Company of China investment insurance (political risks) clauses


    (57)property insurance clauses 財產保險條款

    (58)the People's Insurance Company of China Erection all risks clauses


    (59)the People's Insurance Company of China contractors all risks clauses


    (九)、Certificate of Origin 產地證

    1.certificate of origin of China showing 中國產地證明書

    stating 證明

    evidencing 列明

    specifying 說

    indicating 表明

    declaration of 聲明

    2.certificate of Chinese origin 中國產地證明書

    3.Certificate of origin shipment of goods of … origin prohibited 產地證,不允許裝運…的產品

    4.declaration of origin 產地證明書(產地生明)

    5.certificate of origin separated 單獨出具的產地證

    6.certificate of origin "form A" “格式A”產地證明書

    .generalized system of preference certificate of origin form "A" 普惠制格式“A”產地證明書

    (十)、Packing List and Weight List 裝箱單與重量單

    1.packing list detailing the complete inner packing specification and contents of each package 載明每件貨物之內部包裝的規格和內容的裝箱單

    2.packing list detailing… 詳注……的裝箱單

    3.packing list showing in detail… 注明……細節的裝箱單

    4.weight list 重量單

    5.weight notes 磅碼單(重量單)

    6.detailed weight list 明細重量單

    7.weight and measurement list 重量和尺碼單

    (十一)、Inspection Certificate 檢驗證書

    1.certificate of weight 重量證明書

    2.certificate of inspection certifying quality & quantity in triplicate issued by C.I.B.C. 由中國商品檢驗局出具的品質和數量檢驗證明書一式三份

    3.phytosanitary certificate 植物檢疫證明書

    4.plant quarantine certificate 植物檢疫證明書

    5.fumigation certificate 熏蒸證明書

    6.certificate stating that the goods are free from live weevil 無活蟲證明書(熏蒸除蟲證明書)

    7.sanitary certificate 衛生證書

    8.health certificate 衛生(健康)證書

    9.analysis certificate 分析(化驗)證書

    10.tank inspection certificate 油倉檢驗證明書


    11.record of ullage and oil temperature 空距及油溫記錄單

    12.certificate of aflatoxin negative 黃曲霉素檢驗證書

    13.non-aflatoxin certificate 無黃曲霉素證明書

    14.survey report on weight issued by C.I.B.C. 中國商品檢驗局簽發之重量檢驗證明書

    15.inspection certificate 檢驗證書

    16.inspection and testing certificate issued by C.I.B.C. 中國商品檢驗局簽發之檢驗證明書

    (十二)、Other documents 其他單據

    1.full set of forwarding agents' cargo receipt 全套運輸行所出具之貨物承運收據

    2.air way bill for goods condigned to…quoting our credit number 以……為收貨人,注明本證號碼的空運貨單

    3.parcel post receipt 郵包收據

    4.Parcel post receipt showing parcels addressed to…a/c accountee 郵包收據注明收件人:通過……轉交開證人

    5.parcel post receipt evidencing goods condigned to…and quoting our credit number 以……為收貨人并注明本證號碼的郵包收據

    6.certificate customs invoice on form 59A combined certificate of value and origin for developing countries 適用于發展中國家的包括價值和產地證明書的格式59A海關發票證明書

    7.pure foods certificate 純食品證書

    8.combined certificate of value and Chinese origin 價值和中國產地聯合證明書

    9 a declaration in terms of FORM 5 of New Zealand forest produce import and export and regulations 1966 or a declaration FORM the exporter to the effect that no timber has been used in the packing of the goods, either declaration may be included on certified customs invoice 依照1966年新西蘭林木產品進出口法格式5條款的聲明或出口人關于貨物非用木器包裝的實績聲明,該聲明也可以在海關發票中作出證明

    10.Canadian customs invoice(revised form)all signed in ink showing fair market value in currency of country of export 用出口國貨幣標明本國市場售價,并進行筆簽的加拿大海關發票(修訂格式)

    11.Canadian import declaration form 111 fully signed and completed 完整簽署和填寫的格式111加拿大進口聲明書

    (十三)、The Stipulation for Shipping Terms 裝運條款

    1.loading port and destination裝運港與目的港

    (1)despatch/shipment from Chinese port to… 從中國港口發送/裝運往……

    (2)evidencing shipment from China to…CFR by steamer in transit Saudi Arabia not later than 15th July, 1987 of the goods specified below


    2.date of shipment 裝船期

    bills of lading must be dated not later than August 15, 1987


    (2)shipment must be effected not later than(or on)July 30,1987 貨物不得遲于(或于)1987年7月30日裝運

    (3)shipment latest date… 最遲裝運日期:……

    (4)evidencing shipment/despatch on or before… 列明貨物在…年…月…日或在該日以前裝運/發送

    (5)from China port to … not later than 31st August, 1987 不遲于1987年8月31日從中國港口至……

    3.partial shipments and transhipment 分運與轉運

    (1)partial shipments are (not) permitted (不)允許分運

    (2)partial shipments (are) allowed (prohibited) 準許(不準)分運

    (3)without transhipment 不允許轉運

    (4)transhipment at Hong Kong allowed 允許在香港轉船

    (5)partial shipments are permissible, transhipment is allowed except at… 允許分運,除在……外允許轉運

    (6)partial/prorate shipments are permitted 允許分運/按比例裝運

    (7)transhipment are permitted at any port against, through B/lading 憑聯運提單允許在任何港口轉運

    (十四)、Date & Address of Expiry 有效日期與地點

    1.valid in…for negotiation until… 在……議付至……止

    2.draft(s) must be presented to the negotiating(or drawee)bank not later than… 匯票不得遲于……交議付行(受票行)

    3.expiry date for presentation of documents… 交單滿期日

    4.draft(s) must be negotiated not later than… 匯票要不遲于……議付

    5.this L/C is valid for negotiation in China (or your port) until 15th, July 1977 本證于1977年7月15日止在中國議付有效

    6.bills of exchange must be negotiated within 15 days from the date of bills of lading but not later than August 8, 1977 匯票須在提單日起15天內議付,但不得遲于1977年8月8日

    7.this credit remains valid in China until 23rd May, 1977(inclusive) 本證到1977年5月23日為止,包括當日在內在中國有效

    8.expiry date August 15, 1977 in country of beneficiary for negotiation 于1977年8月15日在受益人國家議付期滿

    9.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be presented for negotiation in China on or before 30th August, 1977 根據本證項下開具的匯票須在1977年8月30日或該日前在中國交單議付

    10.this credit shall cease to be available for negotiation of beneficiary's drafts after 15th August, 1977 本證將在1977年8月15日以后停止議付受益人之匯票

    11.expiry date 15th August, 1977 in the country of the beneficiary unless otherwise 除非另有規定,(本證)于1977年8月15日受益人國家滿期

    12.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be negotiation in China on or before August 12, 1977 after which date this credit expires


    13.expiry (expiring) date… 滿期日……

    14.…if negotiation on or before… 在……日或該日以前議付

    15.negoation must be on or before the 15th day of shipment 自裝船日起15天或之前議付

    16.this credit shall remain in force until 15th August 197 in China 本證到1977年8月15日為止在中國有效

    17.the credit is available for negotiation or payment abroad until… 本證在國外議付或付款的日期到……為止

    18.documents to be presented to negotiation bank within 15 days after shipment 單據需在裝船后15天內交給議付行

    19.documents must be presented for negotiation within…days after the on board date of bill of lading/after the date of issuance of forwarding agents' cargo receipts


    (十五)、The Guarantee of the Opening Bank 開證行付款保證

    1.we hereby engage with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honored 我行保證及時對所有根據本信用證開具、并與其條款相符的匯票兌付

    2.we undertake that drafts drawn and presented in conformity with the terms of this credit will be duly honored 開具并交出的匯票,如與本證的條款相符,我行保證依時付款

    3.we hereby engage with the drawers, endorsers and bona-fide holders of draft(s) drawn under and in compliance with the terms of the credit that such draft(s) shall be duly honored on due presentation and delivery of documents as specified (if drawn and negotiated with in the validity date of this credit) 凡根據本證開具與本證條款相符的匯票,并能按時提示和交出本證規定的單據,我行保證對出票人、背書人和善意持有人承擔付款責任(須在本證有效期內開具匯票并議付)

    4.provided such drafts are drawn and presented in accordance with the terms of this credit, we hereby engage with the drawers, endorsers and bona-fide holders that the said drafts shall be duly honored on presentation 凡根據本證的條款開具并提示匯票,我們擔保對其出票人、背書人和善意持有人在交單時承兌付款

    5.we hereby undertake to honor all drafts drawn in accordance with the terms of this credit 所有按照本條款開具的匯票,我行保證兌付

    (十六)、Special Conditions 特別條款

    1.for special instructions please see overleaf 特別事項請看背面

    2.at the time of negotiations you will be paid the draft amount less 5% due to… 議付時匯票金額應少付5%付給……(注:這種條款是開證行對議付行的指示)

    3.which amount the negotiation bank must authorize us to pay 該項金額須由議付行授權我行付給(注:指傭金的金額)

    4.if the terms and conditions of this credit are not acceptable to you please contact the openers for necessary amendments 如你方不接受本證條款,請與開證人聯系以作必要修改

    5.negotiations unrestricted/restricted to advising bank 不限制議付行/限于通知行

    6.(the price)including packing charges (價格)包括包裝費用

    7.all documents must be separated 各種單據須分開(即聯合單證不接受)

    8.beneficiary's drafts are to be made out for 95% of invoice value, being 5% commission payable to credit opener 受益人的匯票按發票金額95%開具,5%傭金付給開證人

    9.drafts to be drawn for full CIF value less 5% commission, invoice to show full CIF value 匯票按CIF總金額減少5%開具發票須表明CIF的全部金額

    10.5% commission to be remitted to credit openers by way of bank drafts in sterling pounds drawn on…this commission not to be showed on the invoice 5%傭金用英鎊開成以……為付款人的銀行匯票付給開證人,該傭金勿在發票上表明

    11.freight and charges to be showed on bill of lading etc. 提單等(單據)須標明運費及附加費

    12.cable copy of shipping advice dispatched to the accountee immediately after shipment 裝船后,即將裝船通知電報副本寄交開證人

    13.one copy of commercial invoice and packing list should be sent to the credit openers 15 days before shipment 商業發票和裝箱單各一份須在裝船前15天寄給開證人

    14.the beneficiary is to cable Mr.…stating L/C No., quantity shipped name & ETD of vessel within 5 days after shipment, a copy of this cable must accompany the documents for negotiation 受益人應在裝船后5天內將信用證號碼、裝船數量、船名和預計開航日期電告……先生,該電報的副本須隨同單據一起議付

    15.all documents except bills of exchange and B/Lading to be made out in name of A.B.C.Co. Ltd. and which name is to be shown in B/Lading as joint notifying party with the applicant 除匯票和提單外,所有單據均須作成以A.B.C.有限公司為抬頭,并以該公司和申請人作為提單的通知人

    16.signed carbon copy of cable required 要求(提供)經簽署的電報復本

    17.both shipment and validity dates of this credit shall be automatically extended for 15 days at the date of expiry 本證的裝船有效期均于到期日自延展15天

    18.amount of credit and quantity of merchandise…% more or less acceptable 證內金額與貨物數量允許增減……%

    19.credit amount and shipment quantity…% more or less allowed 證內金額與裝運數量允許增減……%

    20.shipment samples to be sent direct by airmail to buyer before shipment 裝運前須將裝船貨樣直接航寄買方

    21.cable accountee name of steamer/carriage number, quantity of goods and shipment date(or E.T.A.) 將船名/車號、貨物數量及裝船期(或預抵期)電告開證人

    22.all banking charges outside Hong Kong are for account of accountee 香港以外的全部銀行費用由開證人負擔

    23.drawee Bank's charges and acceptance commission are for buyer's account 付款行的費用和承兌費用由買方負擔

    24.port congestion surcharge, if any, is payable by openers in excess of this documentary credit amount against evidence 如果有港口擁擠費,超過本證金額部分憑證明由開證人支付

    25.amount of this credit may be exceeded by cost of insurance 本證金額可以超過保險費部分

    26.this letter of credit is transferable in China only, in the event of a transfer, a letter from the first beneficiary must accompany the documents for negotiation 本信用證僅在中國可轉讓,如實行轉讓,由第一受益人發出的書面(證明)須連同單據一起議付

    27.letter of guarantee and discrepancies are not acceptable 書面擔保和錯誤單據均不接受

    28.admixture 5% max. including organic matter such as weed and inorganic 雜質最高5%,包括有機物(如雜草)和無機物

    29.include this symbol “丹” in the shipping marks on each side of the carton(that is four markings in one carton) 包含有“丹”字記號的裝船嘜頭刷在紙箱的每一面(即每個紙箱要刷四個嘜頭)

    (十七)、In Reimbursement 索償文句

    1.instruction to the negotiation bank 議付行注意事項

    (1)the amount and date of negotiation of each draft must be endorsed on reverse hereof by the negotiation bank 每份匯票的議付金額和日期必須由議付行在本證背面簽注

    (2)this copy of credit is for your own file, please deliver the attached original to the beneficiaries 本證副本供你行存檔,請將隨附之正本遞交給受益人

    (3)without you confirmation thereon (本證)無需你行保兌

    (4)documents must be sent by consecutive airmails 單據須分別由連續航次郵寄(注:即不要將兩套或數套單據同一航次寄出)

    (5)all original documents are to be forwarded to us by air mail and duplicate documents by sea-mail 全部單據的正本須用航郵,副本用平郵寄交我行

    (6)please despatch the first set of documents including three copies of commercial invoices direct to us by registered airmail and the second set by following airmail 請將包括3份商業發票在內的第一套單據用掛號航郵經寄我行,第二套單據在下一次航郵寄出

    (7)original documents must be sent by Registered airmail, and duplicate by subsequent airmail 單據的正本須用掛號航郵寄送,副本在下一班航郵寄送

    (8)documents must by sent by successive (or succeeding) airmails 單據要由連續航郵寄送

    (9)all documents made out in English must be sent to out bank in one lot 用英文繕制的所有單據須一次寄交我行

    2.method of reimbursement 索償辦法

    (1)in reimbursement, we shall authorize your Beijing Bank of China Head Office to debit our Head Office RMB Yuan account with them, upon receipt of relative documents 償付辦法,我行收到有關單據后,將授權你北京總行借記我總行在該行開立的人民幣帳戶

    (2)in reimbursement draw your own sight drafts in sterling on…Bank and forward them to our London Office, accompanied by your certificate that all terms of this letter of credit have been complied with 償付辦法,由你行開出英鎊即期匯票向……銀行支取。在寄送匯票給我倫敦辦事處時,應隨附你行的證明,聲明本證的全部條款已經履行

    (3)available by your draft at sight payable by us in London on the basis to sight draft on New York 憑你行開具之即期匯票向我行在倫敦的機構索回票款,票款在紐約即期兌付

    (4)in reimbursement, please claim from our RMB¥ account held with your banking department Bank of China Head Office Beijing with the amount of your negotiation 償付辦法,請在北京總行我人民幣帳戶中索回你行議付之款項

    (5)upon presentation of the documents to us, we shall authorize your head office backing department by airmail to debit the proceeds to our foreign business department account 一俟向我行提交單證,我行將用航郵授權你總行借記我行國外營業部帳戶

    (6)after negotiation, you may reimburse yourselves by debiting our RMB¥ account with you, please forward all relative documents in one lot to us by airmail 議付后請借記我行在你行開立的人民幣帳戶,并將全部有關單據用航郵一次寄給我行

    (7)all bank charges outside U.K. are for our principals account, but must claimed at the time of presentation of documents 在英國境外發生的所有銀行費用,應由開證人負擔,但須在提交單據是索取

    (8)negotiating bank may claim reimbursement by T.T. on the…bank certifying that the credit terms have been complied with 議付行須證明本證條款已旅行,并按電匯條款向……銀行索回貨款

    (9)negotiating bank are authorized to reimburse themselves to amount of their negotiation by redrawing by airmail at sight on…bank attaching to the reimbursement draft their certificate stating that all terms of the credit have been complied with and that the original and duplicate drafts and documents have been forwarded to us by consecutive airmail 議付行用航郵向……銀行重開一份即期匯票索取議付條款。索償匯票須附上證明,聲明本證所有條款已履行,單據的正副本已由連續航次寄交我行

    (十八)、The Stipulations of “Uniform customs and Practice for documentary Credits” “跟單信用證統一慣例”文句

    1.except as otherwise stated herein 除本證另有規定外

    2.except so far as otherwise expressly stated 除非另有明確表示

    3.this credit is subject to… 本證根據……解釋

    4.uniform customs and practice for documentary credits 跟單信用證統一慣例

    5.International Chamber of Commerce Brochure No.400 國際商會第400號手冊

    6.1983 revision 1983年修訂本

    7.except as otherwise expressly stated herein, this credit is subject to uniform customs and practice for documentary credits 1993 Revision, International Chamber of Commerce, publication No.500 除另有規定外,本證根據國際商會第500號出版物《跟單信用證統一慣例》1993年修訂解釋。




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