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    12. When shall we sign the contract?
    13. Mr. Brown, do you think it is time to sign the contract?
    14. Shall we go over the other terms and conditions of the contract to see if we agree on all the particulars?
    15. Shall we sign the contract now?
    16. Just sign there on the bottom.
    17. The contract is ready, would you mind reading it through?
    18. We have reached an agreement on all the clauses discussed so far. It is time to sing the contract.
    19. I’m very pleased that we have come to an agreement at last.
    20. Let’s congratulate ourselves for the successful contract.
    1. Shall we discuss the terms of payment?
    2. What is your regular practice about terms of payment?
    3. What are your terms of payment?
    4. How are we going to arrange payment?
    5. We’d like you to pay us by L/C.
    6. We always require L/C for our exports and we pay by L/C for our imports as well.
    7. We insist on full payment.
    8. We ask for a 30 percent down payment.
    9. We expect payment in advance on first orders.
    10. We hope you will accept D/P payments terms.
    11. In view of this order of small quantity, we propose payment by D/P with collection through a band so as to simplify the payment procedure.
    12. Payment by L/C is the safest method, but rather complicated.
    13. I’m sorry. We can’t accept D/P or D/A. We insist on payment by L/C.
    14. I’m afraid we must insist on our usual payment terms.
    15. “Payment by installments” is not the usual practice in world trade.
    16. It is difficult for us to accept your suggestion
    17. In view of our long friendly relations and the efforts you have made in pushing the sales, we agree to change the terms of payment from L/C at sight to D/P at sight; however, this should not be taken as a precedent.
    18. I have no alternative but to accept your terms of payment.
    19. When should we open the L/C?
    20. Your L/C must reach us 30 days before the date of delivery so as to enable us to make all necessary arrangements.
    21. How long should our L/C be valid?
    22. The L/C should be valid 30 days after the date of shipment.
    23. Could you tell me what documents you’ll provide?
    24. Together with the draft, we’ll also send you a full set of bill of lading, an invoice, and an insurance policy, a certificate of origin and a certificate of inspection. I suppose that is all.
    25. In what currency will payment by made?
    26. We usually do business in U.S.dollars as world prices are often dollars based.
    1. As for the insurance, I have quite a lot of things which I am still not clear about.
    2. May I ask you a few questions about insurance?
    3. What do your insurance clauses cover?
    4. I wonder if the insurance company holds the responsibility for the loss.
    5. Have you taken our insurance for us on these goods?
    6. Can you tell me the difference between WPA and FPA?
    7. What risks are you usually covered against?
    8. Is war risk to be covered?
    9. I’d like to have the insurance of the goods covered at 110% of the invoice amount.
    10. There are three basic covers, namely, Free form Particular Average, with Particular Average and ALL risks.
    11. Ocean shipping cargo insurance is important because goods run the risk of different hazards such as fire, storm, collision, theft, leakage, explosions, etc. If the goods are insured, the exporter might get enough to make up his loss.
    12. Should any damage be incurred, you may, within 60 days after the arrival of the consignment, file a claim supported by a survey report, with the insurance company at your end.
    13. As a rule, we don’t cover them unless you want to.
    14. If more than that is asked for, the extra premium for the difference between 130% and 110% should be born by the buyer.
    15. The FPA clause doesn’t cover partial loss of the particular coverage, whereas the WPA clause does.
    16. The extra premium involved will be on your account.
    17. The insurance covers ALL Risks at 110% of the invoice value.
    18. No, it is not necessary for the shipping line to add to the cost. Our past experience shows that All risks gives enough protection to all the shipments to your area.
    19. ALL risk covers all losses occurring throughout the voyage caused by accidents at sea or land. In other words, it includes FPA, WPA, and general additional risks, with special additional risks excluded.
    1. You’ll understand our products better if you visit the factory.
    2. I wonder if you could arrange a visit to the factory.
    3. Let’s me know when you are free. We will arrange the tour for you.
    4. I would be pleased to accompany you to the workshops.
    5. We will drive you to our plant, which is about thirty minutes from here.
    6. Can I have a brochure of your factory?
    7. Here is the product shop; shall we start with the assembly line?
    8. All products have to go through five checks during the manufacturing process.
    9. The production method ahs been improved by introducing advanced technologies.
    10. It is a pleasure to show our factory to our friends, what is your general impression?
    11. It is nice to meet you. Welcome to our factory.
    12. Shall we rest a while and have a cup of tea before going around?
    13. I would like to look over the manufacturing process. How many workshops are there in the factory?
    14. Some accessories are made by our associates specializing in these fields.
    15. It is very kind of you to say so. My associate and I would be interested in visiting your factory.
    16. We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise.
    17. Would it be possible for me to have a closer look at your samples?




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